Long Sunny Days Ahead...

To say the last year has been difficult is putting it mildly. We have all had a troubling time lately but hopefully, there is a small glimmer of hope that life is returning back to some sort of normality. Like a lot of others, I cant wait to get back to the coast. I am really missing the feel of the sand on my feet, paddling in the sea, long walks with the sun on your back and of course a bag of chips!

For Salty Seas it means getting back out there to the craft fairs and events that we love taking part in. Everything was falling nicely into place at the beginning of 2020. We had been accepted for every event we had applied for, sales were on the increase and all the hard work of the few previous years had been worth the effort. But now, like a lot of other small businesses, we are having to build ourselves back up again.

I am confident that Salty Seas will still be here for the next few years at least, so keep following us on our journey and hopefully we will see you in person soon at one of our events.

See you soon

David x

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