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David's career as an artist and designer really started in the mid 1980's, when most Graphic Design was accomplished with a drawing board and a set square. With computers in their infancy, type was either set with Letraset or stencils. With an accompanying education within the engineering factories around the back streets of Birmingham, which is now the famous Jewellery Quarter, a genuine desire to make objects grew stronger.


Throughout the next two decades, came a willingness to try new art and design techniques from glass etching, silversmithing and toolmaking to pyrography, screenprinting and letterpress.

The latter proving an instant attraction to the seemingly natural flowing forms of letters and type in general. With the technological changes, this made it easier to experiment with designing and hand illustrating type, which was used in his own design practice, DJM Design. The breadth of work included branding, packaging and general design practices for a range of clients around the UK. After the turn of the century, a new desire for acceptance and thirst for more knowledge took over. First accomplishing a Foundation Degree in Graphic Design, then a BA Hons, also in Graphic Design and then more recently an MA in Creative Design, all gained through Staffordshire University. During the last few years whilst studying, he was accepted on to a business start up scheme run through the University, to expand on a chosen idea to grow a creative business. This was the start of Coastal Dreams which would eventually become Salty Seas...

Salty Seas is really the culmination of several years of soul searching to try and turn a genuine love for the coast into a creative outlet. It is also a collective of several art and design skills with his photography, typography, illustration and crafting expertise, all joining together to celebrate the Great British seaside.


David John Moody

Mixed Media Designer