So Many Events....

To be honest, after the last few years of upheaval and uncertainty, I didn't expect to be going back on the road again. But to my amazement, most of the current past events have been as popular as ever.

I always say every year that I am going to cut down on the amount I do but I genuinely love meeting customers face to face as opposed to online. There is only so much you can explain and show on a cold screen, instead of demonstrating in person, the detail on some of my driftwood house models or the different illustrations that make those cherished holiday memories come alive.

So please have a look at our events page to see where we are next, It's always lovely to meet in person, plus I always show my new work and designs at the events first. So if you want to be that first person to get their hands on something for the first time, you have to show up!

See you soon. x x

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