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A strange year of ups and downs....

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The fallout from past global events like Brexit and Covid have had a disastrous effect on a lot of small businesses the last few years. Now the last eighteen months have added to the problems with rising energy costs which has meant a lot of people have less or no disposable income to spend on extras.

I have noticed that spending on food and drink at events still seems steady but not as good as before, but in certain towns and cities you walk past the cafes, restaurants and pubs, they are all packed out. So it seems the British culture of stuffing our faces and getting drunk to drown out our sorrows is still alive and thriving!

We still have a busy year ahead with plenty of events left and we seem to be doing better than most which is refreshing. Always encouraging to see returning customers stopping by to see me and new customers enjoying our new designs, it does make all the hard work and late nights sort of worth it....

So please check out our events page to see where you can see me next, if you know of any good events near you please contact me, as I am always on the lookout for somewhere new to take Salty Seas. I have added a subscription box to sign up for an email newsletter which I have started writing content for and if you would like for me to add info on new designs, places ive been, fav coastal shops or even a cheeky special offer now and then, let me know.

Right, back to the workbench and see you out there..

See you soon. x x

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